✧ Why MOSEN Mirror

ON/OFF Touch Sensor

Illuminated LED mirrors with touch buttons completely change the decor of a bathroom. Single press will turn on/off the light. The touch switch can also perform dimmer functions for color and brightness, Light power is changed by holding the push-button.

Built-in Defogger

Function: Keeps mirror clear even after bathing, Our LED Mirror has a built-in innovative defogger pad behind the mirror that prevents the mirror glass from any condensation or fog formation. This anti-fog system is separately controlled by a touch button, which you can use to turn on and off the anti-fog feature at any time whenever you want. This defogger feature is essential for wall-mounted LED mirrors in the bathroom. Confined space and constant vapor in the bathroom may create fog and obscure the visibility of the mirror

Weather & Digital Clock

The Wi-Fi weather shows the current weather, temperature and time which is based on your location. Mirror configuration is using a dedicated mobile application from your phone. hold the on/off switch and Defogger switch can change times, The clock is permanently supplied, which means it stays lit up continuously.


Speakers in the LED mirror will make every moment spent in the bathroom more pleasant. Thanks to bluetooth you can listen to your favorite songs using your iPad or smartphone.

Make Up LED Mirror

An LED make-up mirror will make your daily make-up routine a breeze. Thanks to the zoom function you will be able to see every details and the light will illuminate all of the shadows. The magnification of the mirror is 3x.

Memory Function LED Mirror

The memory function LED mirror ensures quick on and off the light. This function remembers settings that you made on every last time. It contains a sensor that stores the stroke when you touch to set up the perfect dimming and brightening. So you just have to set up the pressure on the switch for the first time. Next time the sensor will set up the light intensity as adjusted by you when used previously and you have proper control over the brightness of LED light.

Color Temperature Options

Warmer color is more whitish, which is preferred in bedrooms and living rooms for giving a cozy atmosphere. Its kalvin number ranges from 2700K to 3000K, which is similar to the one produced by incandescent bulbs. Whereas neutral and cooler colored lights range between 3500K and 4500K of the kalvin number. Putting on detailed makeup requires bright and warm light, whereas regular touch-ups will work correctly under cooler light. These cooler lights can best be suited for home bathrooms, offices and commercial stores. LED mirror with a color temperature option can switch between different color temperatures according to the use. It saves both time and energy.

Safety Polished Edges

Mirrors have sharp edges. Unless polished, those edges can cause accidental cuts and tears. That would be the last thing to expect while putting up makeup. LED mirrors edges are polished and smoothened to protect the user from any unwanted accidents. Glass makers polish in a way that the smooth edges become part of the design. There are different edge polishing options to choose from. Beveled edges and flat edges are amongst most common.

Copper-free Silver Mirror

Copper-free silver coating is an environmentally friendly option for mirrors. The absence of copper ensures no accidental explosion of the surface under any fire or high temperatures environment. The silver coating prevents rusting and any discoloration of the mirror due to oxidation. These coatings make the glass resistant to any accidental explosion.

Waterproof LED Strip

LED mirror light comes with an IP44 rating ensuring water and moisture-proof settings. Any accidental splash of water or vapor condensation won’t damage the delicate circuitry of the bulb. Moreover, the IP44 rating prevents any accident related to the splash of water.

UL Listed

The UL listing ensures the highest quality and safety of the product. As a third party, non-profit organization Underwriters Laboratories (UL) tests every aspect of a product and only clears it when it meets all the specifications. LED mirrors with UL certification guarantee the wirings, light fittings, and the integrity of the mirror is top-notch. Besides, it ensures safe use and handling.

Packaging & Accessories

LED mirrors are heavy, and easy to break makes it a bit risky when transporting delivery. Therefore, the packaging is a significant factor for safe delivery. We have a variety of packaging solution, we customize packaging according to the size and your demand, so that the mirror can be safe from any dropping, impact, and heavy pressure. You will find the mirror wrapped in double-layer carton packaging that has more than 1-inch foam and pearl wool fillings that make such heavy mirror packing safe for transportation. Our packaging features strong angle protection for a perfect shock-proof delivery.