Jun 03, 2021
Bathroom mirror cabinets are standard in the bathroom. When choosing a bathroom mirror cabinet, not only should its appearance and function be considered, but also what kind of material is more suitable. Compared with the humid indoor environment of the bathroom, the selection of materials is very important. Next, I will introduce six bathroom mirror cabinets of different materials and see which one is better.

1. Solid wood bathroom cabinet.

Solid wood panels are the greenest in nature. The bathroom mirror cabinet made of solid wood panels not only has a hint of woody smell, and the naturally generated wooden texture can also create a unique appearance of the bathroom mirror cabinet. The sense of layering and touch are very good, which is more suitable for the design of the new Chinese toilet structure. But the disadvantage is that it is made of solid wood, so it is more susceptible to moisture. Even if it is moisture-proof, it cannot deal with the problem in essence. But if the bathroom can basically reach the dry and wet partition, it is more suitable for solid wood bathroom cabinets.

2. Porcelain bathroom mirror cabinet.

In short, it is fired in a porcelain kiln. Because the processing technology requires a fixed mold, the selection of the appearance is relatively limited. Because it is made of porcelain, the effect of home decoration is also very good, and it is easier to take care of daily, which is more suitable for users who do not like cleaning. However, since porcelain is a fragile object, it is necessary to consider not being hit by hard objects, otherwise it is particularly vulnerable to damage.

Bathroom mirror cabinet made of PVC. The most typical advantage of this bathroom mirror cabinet is its low price. The pros and cons of PVC materials also determine the pros and cons of this bathroom mirror cabinet. PVC material has good immunity to temperature changes and is not easily damaged. The disadvantage is that it is relatively easy to be corroded, but if you don't care about the trouble of renewal, you can also exchange it at a low price.

3. Stainless steel bathroom mirror cabinet.

Stainless steel bathroom mirror cabinets are usually made of high-quality stainless steel, which is moisture-proof, durable, moisture-proof, rust-proof, and mold-proof. It is more suitable for the modern design of industrial style, but the cabinets are thinner, and it is easy to leave the dirt of soap and other cleaning products.

4. Stick wooden bathroom mirror cabinet.

This kind of bathroom mirror cabinet usually uses solid wood panels, MDF and other substrates, and the surface is coated with waterproof materials, and the appearance is external. And the price is lower than solid wood bathroom cabinets, which is a suitable substitute. But choose a brand with good technicality, otherwise it will be easy to crack.

5. Bathroom mirror cabinet made of mixed materials.

Nowadays, bathroom mirror cabinets of mixed materials are also more popular, that is, the materials of the cabinets and the materials of the countertops are different. There are many styles to choose from, which can also meet the diverse needs of different people. For example, the combination of marble countertops and solid wood cabinets can also combine Chinese classics and modern simplicity to meet the design style needs and layout changes of different bathrooms. The software is integrated with the home decoration design, which can display real-time time and ambient temperature.

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