Apr 07, 2021
The smart mirror cabinet has functions such as waterproof and moisture-proof, which can be suitable for shower spaces without partitions. The height of the multi-layer glass partitions in the mirror cabinet with storage function can be adjusted according to the size of the items. Common items such as toothbrushes, etc. can be placed in the mirror cabinet, which is very convenient to access. The main cabinet can be used to store infrequently used or unopened items. The drawer and door-opening combination design is convenient for storing items neatly, meeting the storage needs of various items, and making the most of the space. Practical effect The bathroom cabinet with interesting effect uses high-quality silent rails. The drawer is quiet, comfortable and smooth when it is pushed and pulled. It has buffer and rebound functions. It can return slowly when the drawer is closed vigorously to ensure that the drawer is protected from impact.

The lens is made of glass as the original film, which is processed through multiple processes such as polishing, silver plating, abrasion resistant coating, waterproof and hard coating, etc., with fast fogging, compression resistance, and mirror reflectivity of more than 99%. The back also uses a vacuum aluminum plating process, which is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. The mirror has a built-in touch screen to facilitate the use of other functions. The lens defogging function is turned on with one button. The built-in mirror surround the light strip is also switched on and off by this touchpad. The 360° mirror surface surrounds the LED lighting, even if the bathroom lighting is not turned on at night, it can also illuminate the surroundings of the bathroom cabinet, which is convenient for washing. High-quality hardware accessories, strong and durable, with solid bathroom cabinet panels, each layer can bear 30 kg. High-strength nylon roller, quiet and smooth. For the sake of safety, the intelligent bath cabinet has a built-in 220V transformer converter. When the current is output to the device, it will be converted into the 12V power of the dry battery. There is no fear of accidental leakage, and the use is more assured. The output power consumption is also smaller and more economical. 

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