Jul 16, 2021

1. The bathroom mirror cabinet has a strong storage and organization function. Everyone will store some daily toiletries in the bathroom. If there is no standard area to place it, the bathroom will look messy, and the bathroom mirror cabinet just has it. Such a storage space makes the bathroom look more tidy.

2. At present, the bathroom cabinets on the market have a variety of appearance colors for customers to choose; but if there are more serious entanglements, it is best to choose according to the overall design style of the home.

3. The bathroom cabinet can not only store things, but also has a built-in waterproof socket design, which can meet the plug-in requirements of small appliances in the bathroom.


1. After the bathroom mirror cabinet is assembled, most of it is in a closed state, and the internal air flow is not very good, so it is very easy to have peculiar smell.

2. Because the bathroom mirror cabinet is assembled on the top of the sink, because everyone's height is different, it is very easy to touch the head for tall residents.

3. The bathroom mirror cabinet has a storage space for the bathroom, but for the living process, it is an extra clean space, especially the upper and corners of the bathroom mirror cabinet, it is very troublesome to clean.

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