Jun 10, 2021
Before understanding the principle of anti-fog film, we must first know the cause of fogging in bathroom mirrors. Water vapor will condense when cold, which is the root cause of bathroom mirrors fogging. When water vapor encounters a bathroom mirror with a low temperature, it will condense into a layer of water mist on the surface, causing the surface to form diffuse reflections and fail to reflect light normally, making it impossible to use the bathroom normally mirror.

The shower water temperature is about the same as the human body temperature, between 35℃-40℃, the surface temperature of the bathroom mirror is slightly lower than the room temperature, the larger temperature difference + humid air after bathing, the two causes of fogging of the bathroom smart mirror Necessary conditions.

Especially in winter, the room temperature is lower, and the temperature difference between the bathroom mirror and the air is greater, so the fog formed is thicker, and the time for the fog to dissipate naturally is longer.

Anti-fog mirrors are divided into coated anti-fog mirrors and electric heating anti-fog mirrors. The former uses the coating micropores to prevent the form of the fog layer; the latter uses electric heating to increase the humidity of the mirror surface, and the fog quickly evaporates, so that the fog layer cannot be formed.

Cover the back of the mirror with electric heating wire or electric heating film, which has good safety, durability, energy saving and processability. When in use, the power is plugged in, and the mirror is heated by the electric heating film, the temperature of the mirror surface rises, the mist attached to the surface is very volatile, and the mirror can always be kept clear and bright.

The mirror anti-fog film can efficiently convert electrical energy into heat energy, and directly conduct the heat energy to the lens, so that the mirror surface heats up and prevents water vapor from condensing on the mirror surface to achieve the anti-fog effect. The approved input power of the anti-fog film will keep the mirror temperature in balance, effectively saving energy. With a thickness of only 0.4mm, it is fully attached to the back of the mirror, and the temperature is efficiently transmitted to the mirror surface, reducing heat loss, and protecting your lenses, achieving the effect of a safety mirror.

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