Mar 25, 2021

The method of buy a smart bathroom mirror that suits your bathroom:


1.look at the shape


Square and vertical shapes are suitable for elegant and atmospheric styles such as Chinese or American styles, while round and oval shapes are suitable for European-Mediterranean and romantic styles. The square and vertical shapes are suitable for larger bathrooms because they occupy a larger space, while the circular and oval shapes are more suitable for smaller bathrooms because they occupy a small space. It also depends on personal preference.


2.look at the material


Because the appearance of "silver mirror" and "aluminum mirror" are very similar, some operators took the opportunity to charge "silver" and "aluminum", and the prices were incorrect. Because it is difficult to identify or negligent to choose, it may cause losses to consumers. "Silver mirror" uses silver as a plating component, while "aluminum mirror" uses metallic aluminum. The selection of materials and the manufacturing process make the two bath mirrors very different. Look at the brightness first: "Silver mirror" has better refraction performance than "Aluminum mirror". Under the same light intensity, the "silver mirror" will appear brighter.


3.look at the frame


Bathroom mirrors with frames can also explain different bathroom styles by the style and color of the frame. By choosing a table frame made of the same material as the washbasin or faucet, an overall sense of interlocking can be established and a clever end-to-end response can be created. effect.



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