Mar 25, 2021
The method of identify the quality of smart led bathroom mirrors:
1.first look at its material. The frame behind the regular smart bathroom mirror is made of all aluminum alloy, which is sturdy and durable, while the frame behind the counterfeit smart bathroom mirror is made of poor-quality plastic steel pipe. Unable to hold the mirror for a long time and fall.
2.look at the glass on its mirror surface. The formal smart bathroom mirror uses a 5mm high-definition copper-free environmentally friendly mirror, which has clear imaging and strong oxidation resistance. The counterfeit smart bathroom mirror uses ordinary glass, the image is darker, has a certain chromatic aberration, the price is also cheap, and the oxidation resistance is poor.
3.look at the waterproof and rust-proof. The formal smart bathroom mirror comes with waterproof and rust-proof. It uses a waterproof electrical box to completely seal the electrical modules, so that the electrical appliances do not leak, and are super waterproof and moisture-proof. If the fake smart bathroom mirror is placed in a relatively humid place in the bathroom for a long time, the mirror surface will darken, even rust and fall off.
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