Mar 29, 2021

Scientifically clean up the dirt in the bathroom mirror of the home hotel:


The main components of the dirt on the mirror in the bathroom are: inorganic salt, oil stains, calcium and magnesium carbonate dirt, and the cleaning methods are different for three different situations:


  1. Cleaning inorganic salt:


Inorganic salt is because the tap water contains a large amount of inorganic salt. After the water evaporates, the inorganic salt will remain and adhere to the countertop or mirror. First wash with plenty of water, then scrub with a towel or brush.


  1. Clean oil stains:


The oil stains mainly come from various facial cleansers or the dirt washed off during the face washing process. For oil stains, we can use the detergent at home.


  1. Clean calcium and magnesium carbonate dirt:


The adhesion of this kind of dirt is extremely strong, and physical methods will not work, and chemical methods must be used to remove them. The effect of using phosphoric acid or dilute hydrochloric acid is better. If phosphoric acid and hydrochloric acid are really not available, you can also use the practical white vinegar that is available at home. You can use them to gently scrub the mirror surface to achieve the effect.


  1. Daily maintenance:


Cleaning is not as good as daily maintenance. A clean mirror can prevent the growth of bacteria. After using the bathroom, you should wipe off the water droplets on the mirror and clean up the dirt in time.