Mar 25, 2021
1. Product introduction
The intelligent bathroom mirror is a newly developed intelligent mirror which integrates the functions of LED lamp, defog and weather display. It is waterproof, Antifog, explosion-proof and electricity leakage proof

2. Product parameters
Smart mirror has many sizes and functions for you to choose from.
Dimension: 500 * 700mm / 600 * 800mm / 700 * 900mm / 750 * 1000mm / 600 * 1200mm / 1000 * 600mm or customized
Functions: defog, LED light, weather, calendar, week, time, alarm clock, temperature and humidity
• switch: touch
Demisting power: 32-54w
Suspension mode: horizontal and vertical
• light color: White / cold / warm
3. Product features
1) The mirror surface has explosion-proof film, integrated waterproof structure at the back, closed design, and professional wire box to prevent leakage, which can be used in the bathroom;
2) Human touch sensitive switch, only one key operation mirror multiple functions;
3) Wireless connection, special mobile app, check local real-time weather at any time;
4) Low voltage anti electric shock professional LED light belt;
5) Aesthetic design, interior decoration.
4. Product details
Mirror edge: rounded edge does not hurt hands
Frame: aluminum alloy material is stable and durable without rust
5. Product installation
1. Determine the wall hanging position, and mark the drilling position according to the installation template;
2. Paste the installation template on the wall and determine the drilling position;
3. Use a suitable drill to drill holes, and install the expansion pipe and screw on the screws (exposing the nail head of 1.5cm);
4. Align the mounting hole on the mounting square tube at the back of the mirror body and hang it on the screw. Slide the mirror body to let the screw slide to the ends on both sides of the mounting hole.
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