Mar 25, 2021

There are many types of LED mirror cabinets, and their installation methods are different.


The installation of common LED mirror cabinets is usually based on the pre-designed hole positions. The installer measures the estimated hole position size according to the height requirements of the installation. The utility tool embeds the expansion rubber particles in the load-bearing wall and inserts the screws. The restriction of the hole position in the wall and the inevitable deviation, usually cannot easily align the mounting screws, so that the installation cannot be completed effectively. At this time, it is necessary for two people to adjust several times at the same time or even readjust or modify the hole size. Reach the exact card position of the mounting hole.


However, some installation methods are relatively complicated or have certain difficulties. For example, using the back-attached hook method to hang on the wall, the difficulty lies in the control of the size deviation. The general hook hole size is 6-10mm, which is required during installation. The hole position error needs to be controlled at 1mm, and the error generated in the actual installation is far greater than 1mm, then this adds a lot of difficulty to the installation ruler requirements, and it is easy to have multiple holes on the wall or the wall is not level. The phenomenon is even worse than the hole position that leaves a greater safety hazard after the installation is completed.


In the furniture industry, the installation of the LED mirror cabinet is realized by using the vertical buckle of the wall-mounted load-bearing parts of the hanging code and the cabinet matching parts. Since the structure of the wall-mounted load-bearing parts can be adjusted movably, the matching process of the two parts of the hanging code There is a sliding phenomenon, and it is difficult to achieve the convenience and safety of installation. At the same time, the installation process also requires more manpower to participate, which not only complicates the installation operation, but also lays a safety hazard for our daily life.



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