May 28, 2021
When choosing a bathroom mirror, you must first figure out its material. At present, the most common ones on the market are aluminum mirrors and silver mirrors. Because of the different materials, the clarity and moisture resistance are all different.

The mirror surface of the aluminum mirror is white and the reflection is not very high, so the definition will be worse. Because the aluminum layer and the glass are not tightly fitted, moisture will enter it, and the mirror surface will be deformed after a long time, but the price is relatively cheap . Compared with aluminum mirrors, we recommend silver mirrors. Although the price is slightly higher than aluminum mirrors, the experience is very good. The reflectivity of the aluminum mirror is high, so the image is relatively clear, the mercury density is high, the fit is better, and the moisture resistance is also better.

At present, glass mirrors used in bathrooms are usually ordinary glass mirrors, which can only play an imaging role except for some aesthetic decorations on the surface. In order to make bathroom mirrors with lighting functions, so that users can make better makeup, the manufacturer will install an LED light bar on the back of the bathroom mirror and control the power drive of the LED light bar to protect the exposed circuit components from the bathroom. . Due to the influence of diffuse fog and splashing water droplets, it is usually necessary to install the rear plate on the back of the bathroom mirror to form a closed space for protection. However, at present, mounting the back plate to the back of the bathroom mirror requires more components, which is troublesome, time-consuming, labor-intensive and low-efficiency, which is not conducive to large-scale assembly. In order to overcome the shortcomings of the prior art, our company provides a rear bracket connection structure for bathroom mirrors. The metal frame and the back plate can be installed together by connecting pieces, which is convenient and quick to install and save time. This saves effort and improves assembly efficiency.

The back of the bath mirror glass is surrounded by a metal frame, and a connecting groove is provided inside the metal frame. The connecting groove is provided with a connecting piece for installing the back plate. The connecting piece installs the back plate and the metal frame together. The square groove is arranged on the outer side of the arc groove, the cross section of the connecting piece is L-shaped, and the connecting piece is embedded in the square groove through the arc groove. The metal frame is a box bent from the entire aluminum profile. The corners of the metal frame transition in an arc. There are four connecting pieces, and the four connecting pieces are respectively clamped on the four sides of the metal frame. The area enclosed by the metal frame is smaller than the area of ​​the bath mirror glass. A light guide groove is arranged on the outer side of the metal frame, an LED light bar is installed in the light guide groove, and a light-transmitting plate that encapsulates the LED light bar and is isolated from the outside in the light guide groove. The circuit control module is arranged in the space enclosed by the metal frame and the back plate, and the circuit control module is electrically connected with the LED lamp.

The choice of smart mirror should take into account the overall style of the bathroom and be consistent with the overall style. When purchasing a smart mirror, you should observe the mirror from multiple angles such as the front, side, and back. A good mirror should not have bubbles, debris, crushed spots, broken glass, discoloration, yellow spots, cloud spots, dark spots, black edges, etc. from the appearance.

The imaging effect of the mirror is better. Generally, a 5mm thick mirror must not be deformed or skewed within 2 meters. And look at the straight line pattern unchanged. When looking in the mirror, pay attention to the straight objects in the mirror and move the lower line of sight slightly. If the straight objects are not bent or deformed, the imaging effect of the mirror is good. As far as smart mirrors are concerned, in order to protect the silver ions from reacting with the moisture in the air, resulting in black edges and black spots on the lens, a copper film is also plated on the silver film, and a layer of primer and The top coat enhances protection and prolongs the service life of the mirror. And the mirror should not be broken in the slightest. Mirrors vary in price according to their thickness. Generally thick mirrors are more expensive. Many people choose thinner mirrors in order to save money. They need to know that the mirrors are too thin and easy to break, but the gains outweigh the losses. It is recommended to choose a thickness of 8mm.

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