Jun 25, 2021
Customized bathroom mirror cabinets are basically different from traditional finished furniture bathroom mirror cabinets. Personalized customization can basically be designed and made according to the size of the house. For example, you can make full use of the wash basin and the area above the toilet to make thinner storage cabinets. Try to use closed cabinet doors and open grids, which is the most practical. In addition, the currently popular aluminum frame glass door can be used in the material of the cabinet door to enhance the sense of transparency and trend in the indoor space. The corners, the side of the toilet close to the wall, the cabinet under the basin close to the door...all can be customized according to the size of the cabinet, so that the storage and organization of the bathroom can instantly increase a lot of square meters. We believe that this is also the advantage of personalized customization.

The special space attributes of the bathroom make waterproof and moisture-proof a very important topic here. For personalized custom bathroom mirror cabinets, the first thing to do is to simplify the decorative design. Try not to leave some indoor spaces or corners where the bathroom mirror cabinets are easier to hide dirt and mold. In terms of style, the clean, clean and generous modern simplicity is the most suitable for the most personalized custom bathroom mirror cabinet design. But simplicity does not mean that it must be plain, unsightly, or beautiful. We will introduce this last. Waterproof and moisture-proof is also very important to the selection of materials. No matter which material is used for bathroom mirror cabinets, good brands and large brands should be selected as much as possible. There will be better protection in waterproof and moisture-proof performance.

If the functionality is designed according to the customer's indoor space, the one ability that the customized bathroom mirror cabinet needs to undertake is aesthetics. As the smallest possible indoor space in the family, it happens to best reflect the quality and taste. In the second point, we mentioned that the modern and simple style is more suitable for personalized custom bathroom mirror cabinets, so how to reflect the value of beauty? Firstly, the color selection of bathroom mirror cabinets can echo the main color of the entire house, so that the overall feeling will be better; secondly, modern simplicity can choose some low-contrast pure colors or natural textures, such as wood grain and stone grain. To make the finish, simple style and comfortable atmosphere.


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