Jul 09, 2021
The difference between super white mirror and silver mirror:

1. Ultra-white glass is made of ultra-white glass, also known as colorless glass, high transparent glass and low iron glass. They are relatively advanced glass products with high light transmittance and transparency. Ordinary silver mirrors are made of float glass.

2. Ultra-white mirror glass has high technical content and is difficult to produce. However, ordinary silver mirrors can be easily mass-produced.

3. The ultra-white mirror surface is much clearer than ordinary silver mirrors, and the geometric angle of the object light source is more standard. Ordinary silver mirrors have low reflectivity and the mirror reflection performance is about 70%. The shape and color are easily deformed, the service life is short, and the corrosion resistance is poor. 

The difference between no bronze mirror and silver mirror:

In the production process of ordinary silver mirrors, after the reflective layer of silver is plated, a layer of copper will be plated on the silver layer to protect the silver layer (silver is a very active chemical element, if exposed to the air, it is easy to be It oxidizes and becomes gray, just like silver jewelry. Over time, it will become gray and black, that's why), and then spray the protective lacquer twice to protect the mirror from damage.

The copper-free silver mirror is also called environmentally friendly silver mirror. As the name implies, a copper-free silver mirror refers to a silver mirror that does not contain copper, which is different from ordinary copper-containing silver mirrors. The copper-free mirror uses a passivation agent protective film instead of the copper protective film, which is environmentally friendly and prolongs its service life. Bronze-free mirrors are also called environmental protection mirrors. The inside of the mirror is completely free of copper, which is different from ordinary copper-containing mirrors. The surface of the mirror is protected by a very dense passivation agent, which can effectively prevent the mirror from being scratched. The wear resistance, adhesion and corrosion resistance of copper-free mirrors are better than ordinary silver mirrors, and the reflectivity is higher. The use time of non-bronze mirrors is longer than that of ordinary silver mirrors.

How to choose stainless steel copper mirror and brass bathroom mirror:

Manufacturing process: stainless steel copper-plated mirrors are easy to process; brass bathroom mirrors are more difficult to process;

Surface treatment: stainless steel copper-plated mirror, because the material itself cannot achieve the effect of brass, it needs to be electroplated to imitate copper;

Brass bathroom mirror, the material itself has a brass effect, we will "reduce" the luster of the material through hand-drawn texture and anti-oxidation treatment process, so that the product looks less "high-profile";

Post-maintenance: stainless steel copper-plated mirror plating. After a long period of time, the electroplating layer was damaged, and subsequent maintenance was difficult. Brass bathroom mirrors, the surface color is the material itself, and the later maintenance cost is lower. The longer the brass material is used, the closer the color is to the natural color, and the more in line with the family environment.

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