Mar 25, 2021

The function of smart bathroom mirror


  1. Anti-fog

According to the principle of anti-fog bathroom mirror, it can be divided into coated anti-fog mirror and electric heating anti-fog mirror. Coated anti-fog mirrors can prevent the formation of a fog layer by coating micro-holes. This method is safer but more expensive. The electric heating anti-fog mirror is heated by electric heating wire or electric heating film to achieve the anti-fog effect. The electric heating anti-fog is more primitive and requires a space on the other side of the mirror, but the price is cheaper than the coated anti-fog mirror.


  1. Waterproof

When choosing a bath mirror, you should not only choose an anti-fog bath mirror, but also pay special attention to the waterproofness of the bath mirror. Ordinary waterproof bath mirrors are coated with special waterproof materials on the back. Installing this bathroom mirror in the bathroom can effectively prevent the cracks on the back of the bathroom mirror from being moldy and cracked. High-quality electric anti-fog mirrors should be integrated with anti-fog mirrors, waterproof mirrors and safety mirrors, and will not leak even if they are immersed in water. When buying, we must pay attention to waterproof safety. It is recommended to check whether it is really waterproof before buying. Don't just focus on the appearance and ignore the inside.


  1. Anti-rust

Smart bathroom mirrors also have the advantages of being resistant to rust and having a long service life. This also means that you don't have to change the bathroom mirror frequently because of the rusty surface of the mirror.



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