May 06, 2021
Mirrors with lights have become a popular trend. Whether it is a makeup mirror or a bathroom mirror, the application of light makes the mirror more beautiful and beautiful. LED bathroom mirrors are mirrors with LED lights that can provide light. LED light-emitting mirrors refer to mirrors that can emit light through LED lights. Some LED makeup mirrors, LED bathroom mirrors, and tunnel mirrors can also be called LED light-emitting mirrors or simply light-emitting mirrors. It also has another more common name that is LED bathroom mirror or LED mirror. There are two main types of LED light-emitting mirrors: one is a mirror with an externally visible LED light strip, and the other is a mirror with a hidden LED light strip. The difference between them is whether you can see the LED strip, and the one that can't see the strip is the mirror of the hidden LED strip. Among LED bathroom mirrors, according to different lighting conditions, we can roughly divide them into internal luminous bathroom mirrors and external luminous bathroom mirrors. At present, most of the LED makeup mirrors on the market are mirrors with hidden LED light strips. The light strips are concealed through a good design, which looks more beautiful. The LED bathroom mirror is both.

Among them, the two sides (both sides) of the internal luminous bathroom mirror are the main types of internal luminous bathroom mirrors, and the other more common type is the surrounding luminous bathroom mirror. And one of its great advantages is that its cost is relatively lower, and the effect it presents is very good, not only the lamp body is durable, long life, but also has very good energy saving effect. Compared with ordinary mirrors, LED light-emitting mirrors have a light-emitting function, so they can shine more clearly. Some LED light-emitting mirrors also have the function of a magnifying glass. It can be more convenient for daily use such as shaving beard.

In some special environments, in order to create a certain atmosphere, it is often necessary to have lighting effects. However, traditional lighting effects cannot achieve such effects. So the LED smart mirror is designed for this. The lighting effects produced by such products can often make the scene more special. Therefore, two conditions need to be met during the design process. Multi-color lighting changes, light and dark adjustable. The lighting can be single-color or three-color. The single color is white light, yellow light, and natural light. You can choose any color; three colors refer to the three colors of white light, yellow light and natural light alternately. The three-color light also has the function of stepless dimming, that is, the light is adjusted from dark to bright, and from bright to dark, so that the same color presents a gradual effect.

The two-side light-emitting bathroom mirror refers to a mirror that can emit light on both sides of the LED bathroom mirror. It is a mirror commonly used in personal residences and hotel apartment bathrooms. LED smart mirrors with stable performance are generally made of high-quality materials in terms of heat dissipation.

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