Jul 03, 2021
1. Determine the material: There are many kinds of materials for bathroom mirror cabinets, including solid wood, stainless steel, glass and other materials. Therefore, you should choose according to your actual situation when you buy. For example, for families with children, it is best not to choose glass bathroom mirror cabinets because of the high risk factors.

2. Selection function: In addition to the different materials, the function of the bathroom mirror cabinet is also different. Bathroom mirror cabinets on the market have double door, sliding and single door types, which need to be determined according to the size of the bathroom wall. Select the function mode of the bathroom mirror cabinet. You can test its load-bearing capacity by hand or other tools on site to avoid the risk of falling during the residence.

3. Internal space: The bathroom mirror cabinet has a storage function, but the internal storage space of the bathroom mirror cabinet is large and small. Therefore, please choose an appropriate size bathroom mirror cabinet according to the commonly used toiletries in your home. The space layout of the bathroom is rationalized.

4. Load-bearing: Since the bathroom mirror cabinet is hung on the wall, there are certain requirements for its load-bearing performance. Usually, the manufacturer will state the load-bearing capacity of the bathroom mirror cabinet. You can test its load-bearing capacity by hand or other tools on site to avoid the risk of falling during the residence.

5. Anti-fog film:

The anti-fog film of the bathroom smart mirror can efficiently convert electrical energy into heat energy and transfer the heat energy directly to the lens, thereby increasing the temperature of the mirror surface and preventing water vapor from condensing on the mirror surface, thereby achieving the anti-fogging effect. The approved input power of the bathroom anti-fog film will keep the mirror temperature in balance, effectively saving energy. The anti-fog film is only 0.4 mm thick and is completely attached to the back of the mirror. The temperature is effectively transferred to the mirror surface, reducing heat loss, protecting your lens, and achieving the effect of a safety mirror.

There are two types of anti-fog films for smart mirrors. The first type: PVC resistance wire anti-fog film, made of PVC resistance wire. The film has the characteristics of good ductility, good electrical insulation, convenient material extraction, and low price. The total service life of the membrane is 4-5 years. The second category: polyester resistance wire anti-fog film, made of polyester resistance wire. The characteristics of the film are: the polyester film has a smooth surface, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, heat-resistant, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and anti-aging. The total service life of this film is 8-10 years.

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