Jul 16, 2021
1. According to the appearance

Square and vertical:

The square and vertical design styles are relatively new Chinese and elegant, and also have certain regulations on the indoor space. It is strongly recommended to install a square bathroom mirror under the condition of a large shower room, which can produce a three-dimensional effect with the shower room.

Ring and ellipse:

The circular and oval shapes are very suitable for the Nordic decoration design style. And the oval shape gives a feeling of vertical lengthening in terms of visual effects, which is very suitable for taking selfies in the mirror. Both have low requirements for indoor space, and are more suitable for a small shower room, or can also be installed on the dressing table.

2. Classification

Basin cabinet:

The locker-style smart bathroom mirror is generally composed of one or 2-3 mirror surfaces. Behind the mirror surface is the setting locker, or setting the locker under the mirror. It has a very good storage and organization function, suitable for storing skin care products or bathroom products. It can also save the indoor space of the shower room.

Plane mirror:

The plan pattern is the same as everyone's general mirror, but it has some more functions. The mirror surface is also a one-piece suit, and there is no cutting line, which is relatively beautiful and generous.

How to buy a smart bathroom mirror?

1. Look at the material

There are two key types of mirror materials on the market, silver mirrors and aluminum mirrors. Silver mirrors and aluminum mirrors are relatively similar, but in terms of the actual effect of the mirror, or the silver mirror is stronger and the price is higher. The mirror surface of the silver mirror is clearer and the transmittance is higher. The actual effect of waterproofing is also better, and the mirror surface is not easy to deform.

2. Look at the architecture

Bathroom mirrors have frames, but none of them. The bathroom mirror with structure is more decorative and design. You can choose the structure color that contrasts with the washbasin or the wall, which can create a visual design connection and make the shower room more aesthetic.
The outer frame colors are generally gray-black, champagne, light luxury gold, silver white and milky white. There are more choices, and you can choose according to your own interior decoration style.

3. Look at the shiny parts

Smart bathroom mirrors are basically illuminated by LED lights. Generally, there are three types of LED lights, namely inner light, side light, and outer light. The internally shining light source is more centralized, and the actual effect of ordinary makeup will be better.

4. Intelligent magnetic induction

At present, there are some bathroom mirrors on the market with built-in sensors, which can intelligently magnetically sense the position of the human body. The lights will turn on when people come, and the lights will go off when people go, which is very convenient and intelligent.

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