May 12, 2021
The light-transmitting LED cabinet lights inside and outside the bottom of the mirror cabinet include lamps for installing LED light bars. The lamps are quadrilateral sheet lamps. The ends of the quadrilateral sheet lamps are provided with a card slot. The center of the quadrilateral sheet lamps is provided with a fixing hole for fixing Both sides of the hole are respectively provided with an upper light-transmitting LED light bar assembly and a lower light-transmitting LED light bar assembly. The upper light-transmitting LED light bar assembly includes an LED light bar mounting groove and an inclined upward light transmitting groove, and the LED light bar mounting groove is installed There is an LED light bar, and the top of the inclined upward light transmission slot is provided with a lampshade mounting port for installing a lampshade plate. The lower light transmission LED light bar assembly includes an LED light bar installation groove and a sloping downward light transmission groove. The LED light bar installation groove is installed There is an LED light bar, the bottom of the inclined downward light transmission groove is provided with a lampshade card slot, and a lampshade plate is installed in the lampshade card slot. By installing LED lights on the wooden cabinets of the bathroom, the bathroom is in a weak light state, and the internal environment can be seen clearly without turning on the lights.

The bathroom is generally in a dark state, almost from day to night, you need to turn on the light to see clearly, wasting a lot of electricity, and long-term use of the bulb will also reduce the service life. Sometimes you only need to wash your hands or take off things in the bathroom. The MOSEN mirror cabinet does not need to open the other lighting facilities in the bathroom no matter it is used during the day and night, which can save a lot of power and energy, breaking the convention of no light at the bottom of the traditional mirror cabinet. Therefore, this mirror cabinet is equipped with a weak LED light bar, which can clearly see the storage in the mirror cabinet and the items that need to be cleaned in the wash basin under the mirror cabinet. The utility model was born from this. In view of the above-mentioned technical problems in the prior art, the purpose of the present invention is to provide a light-transmissive LED cabinet light inside and outside the bottom of the mirror cabinet. By installing the LED lamp of the present invention on the mirror cabinet of the bathroom, the bathroom is in a state where the lighting facilities do not need to be turned on. You can also see the surrounding environment of the items inside and outside the mirror cabinet. To achieve the above purpose.

Identify the material: There are many kinds of materials for bathroom mirror cabinets, including solid wood, stainless steel, glass, etc., and purchase the corresponding materials according to your needs.
Recognition function: bathroom mirror cabinets have double-door type, single-door type, and sliding type. According to the size of the wall, choose the function mode.
Internal space: How many things can be placed depends on the reasonable layout of the internal space, and different reasonable layouts can be selected according to the commonly used bath products in the home.
Load-bearing: Because the bathroom mirror cabinet is hung on the wall, its load-bearing capacity has certain requirements. Generally, manufacturers have stated how much its load-bearing capacity. Of course, consumers can also try it with hands or other tools on site, but this is also very important for use important.

Don't choose a mirror cabinet that is too thick, because some people say that the mirror cabinet is easy to touch the head. Therefore, when choosing a mirror cabinet, you can choose a thinner one, which can be 15-20 cm, about the thickness of a cup. Light strips can also be set up and down the mirror, which does not occupy space and is beautiful. The general size of the mirror cabinet installation is that the bottom edge of the mirror is at least 135cm from the ground.

Installation precautions: The actual size of the person stands in front of the mirror cabinet with the head in the middle of the mirror, so that the imaging effect is appropriate. The two sides of the mirror cabinet are retracted by 50-100mm, and the specific height gap between family members can be adjusted flexibly. 

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