Mar 25, 2021

What is the function of smart bathroom mirror


The more developed technology comes, I believe that many family bathroom mirror or use ordinary bathroom mirror, so now the more popular intelligent bathroom mirror appears in everyone's field of vision, many people should not know the intelligent bathroom mirror, today's small make up to share with you the function of intelligent bathroom mirror and how to install intelligent bathroom mirror; let's have a look!

1、 According to the size of the intelligent bathroom mirror, the corresponding holes should be opened on the wall, and the installation height should be paid attention to.

2、 Fix the embedded box in the wall hole, and there are installation accessories inside the package.

3、 Then put the power line and signal line connection number, put the smart bathroom mirror in, and it is finished.

The function of intelligent bathroom mirror anti fog

The smart bathroom mirror on the market can add anti fog function, which is one of the differences between smart bathroom mirror and ordinary bathroom mirror. After adding the anti fog function, you don't need to take a cloth to wipe the mirror after each bath to see clearly, giving you the most real self.

Function of intelligent bathroom mirror waterproof

Generally, as long as the mirror with LED light and touch switch can be called intelligent bathroom mirror, and this kind of bathroom mirror is also because of the internal power supply, many people are worried about getting water into it. In fact, there is no need to worry. This smart bathroom mirror is waterproof. If you're worried about its water resistance,

Xiaobian to provide you with a most simple and crude method, take a cup of water poured over.

Function of intelligent bathroom mirror -- antirust

This kind of intelligent bathroom mirror also has the advantage that it won't rust easily and has a long service life. It also means that you don't have to replace the bathroom mirror often because of the rust on the mirror.

Function of intelligent bathroom mirror -- listening to music

The intelligence of intelligent bathroom mirror is also reflected in the connection of network and online listening to songs. Enjoy singing in the bathroom.

The function of intelligent bathroom mirror -- getting real-time information

It allows users to check today's news, weather and other information by touching the screen when they wash their hands or face. It can also leave words for their families and track the water and electricity consumption of their families.

Function of intelligent bathroom mirror -- time and temperature display

The new intelligent bathroom mirror is a mirror based on Android system. It can combine the system with home decoration and display real-time time and temperature.

The above is the function of intelligent bathroom mirror and how to install it.