Jun 18, 2021
There are several types of common bathroom mirrors: one is LED bathroom mirrors, also known as smart mirrors. Why is it called a smart mirror? The main reason is that it is different from a general bathroom mirror. It has many basic functions. For example: temperature and time, anti-fog, Bluetooth, etc. display basic functions. For high-quality bathroom mirrors, the frame structure generally selects 6463# bathroom-grade polished aluminum alloy profiles, 5mm super silver mirrors and philip3-core led light strips.

The other is a full-length mirror. In addition to home use, clothing stores will also use it. Its specifications are generally relatively large. The purpose is to allow users to see the actual effects of their own trial installations, and to consider whether to purchase. It is mainly based on general reflective glass as the core, and uses wood, plastic or metal as the frame.

There is also a more common type of makeup mirror. This kind of bathroom mirrors are of various types and novel colors, which are widely loved by female friends. Because makeup must see the small details of the face clearly, this type of bathroom mirror generally uses concave mirror glass, so that the small details of the face can be clearly seen, which is convenient for better makeup.

The last type is to decorate the bathroom mirror. This kind of bathroom mirror is not for practical purposes, but just hangs on the wall as a decoration. When many people decorate their houses, they like to buy some decorative bathroom mirrors to match the furniture, so as to improve the quality of the living space and enhance people's sense of belonging. It is made of general reflective glass as the core material and decorated with vertical lines and pasting craftsmanship. Strong sense of art.

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