Apr 19, 2021
In daily life, when looking in the mirror, you will find that there are black spots on the bathroom mirror, which greatly affects the use of the bathroom mirror. But why is the bathroom mirror so smooth and stain-free, and there are spots?

In fact, this situation is not uncommon for everyday home furnishings. The bright and bright bathroom mirrors are exposed to the water vapor in the bathroom for a long time, and the edges of the mirror will slowly darken and even gradually spread to the center of the mirror. The reason is that the surface of the mirror is usually manufactured by electroless silver plating, and silver nitrate is the main raw material. There are two cases of black spots. One is that the protective paint and silver coating on the back of the mirror peel off in a humid environment, and the mirror does not have a reflective layer. Second, in a humid environment, the silver-plated layer on the surface is oxidized to silver oxide by air. The silver oxide itself is a black substance, causing the mirror to look black.

Bathroom mirrors are cut. The exposed edges of the mirror are easily corroded by moisture. This corrosion often starts from the edge and gradually spreads to the center, so the edge of the mirror must be protected. Use glass glue or edge banding to seal the edge of the mirror. In addition, it is best not to lean against the wall when installing the mirror, leaving some gaps to facilitate the evaporation of mist and water vapor.

Once the mirror becomes black or spots appear, there is no way to alleviate it but to replace it with a new mirror. Therefore, reasonable use and maintenance on weekdays become very important; and in order to prevent your mirror from being disturbed by dark spots, you can add anti-fog function when buying bathroom mirrors. MOSEN anti-fog bathroom mirrors can make the bathroom Keep the bathroom mirror away from the damage of fog.

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