Project Design

As a professional LED mirror manufacturer and supplier, we design and produce led lighted mirrors to satisfy needs for various applications.
LED mirrors of different shapes can integrate with decorations of different styles, making the interior environment more harmonious and elegant.

1. LED Mirror For Various Applications

LED Bathroom Mirror

LED mirror and mirror cabinet can solve the troubles of dark light, fog and clutter in the bathroom for you.

LED Bedroom Mirror

LED bedroom mirror can be installed on the wall of bedroom to brighten your costume matching.

LED Salon Mirror

LED salon mirror provides appropriate light for styling designer to design styles for guests. Delicate shape and smart functions of LED mirrors make the salon high-class and more attractive.

LED Toilet Mirror

Apply LED toilet mirror in the mall’s toilets can improve the guests’ favorable impression for the mall, increasing the willingness of guests to return to the mall.

LED Hotel Mirror

LED Hospital Mirror


2. LED Mirror in Various Design

Following are some of our popular led mirror design. There are many choices on our product list.
We also offer customization services. Thus, you can design your own products for boosting your business.

Rectangle LED Mirror

Round LED Mirror

Oval LED Mirror

Full Length LED Mirror

LED Salon Mirror


3. LED Mirror Cabinet Design

We elaborately designed LED mirror and cabinet together. While reducing the space occupation, the split-level design expands the internal storage space.